The importance of an inspection prior to acceptance of the building

When should you schedule the inspection?

According to the Regulation respecting the guarantee plan for new residential buildings, each building must be inspected before the buyer declares acceptance of the building. Acceptance is the legal act by which you declare that the building is ready for its intended use, while indicating certain reservations, if any. For example, you can say, "I'm ready to move into my new house, but the moldings in the living room that are damaged will have to be corrected."

It is therefore important to carry out an inspection before moving into your new house, to analyze in detail the work carried out and to validate its quality.

If you discover work to be completed or improved during the inspection, you must immediately contact the contractor so that he can complete or correct the work within a reasonable delay. The contractor may not take more than 6 months from this time to complete the work or make the corrections.

The additional work is recorded in the official inspection list, which is supplemented by the new end date for this work. Keep your copy!

If you move in without reporting apparent defects or necessary work to be completed, you will lose your coverage of the Guarantee Plan for these elements. It is therefore essential to report any defect from the moment of their discovery during the inspection or within 3 days of this inspection if you have not yet moved in.


An inspection before acceptance of the building is the best way to protect yourself and the opportunity to set the starting point for the coverage of your guarantee.

The contractor must be with you during this inspection. This is your opportunity to ask him all the questions, ask for corrective work to be done, and show the existence of defects or work to be completed.

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