Loss of coverage

It is also possible that, in the beginning, the building was covered by the mandatory guarantee, but that after a certain time, it is no longer covered. Read the following carefully!

The Regulation respecting the guarantee plan provides that the guarantee of a plan applies to a building even if there is not yet a beneficiary at the time of the end of work, provided that the acceptance of the building is done within 24 months after the end of work.

Indeed, the general rule requires the transfer of ownership within 24 months of the date of the end of work for covering the building. Be careful, this period is essential for the guarantee to apply


When you buy a unit in a building or house more than 24 months after the end of the work, know that you are not covered by the guarantee plan. So before buying, find out the exact date of completion of the work! This information will confirm your coverage under the guarantee plan..


  • The guarantee relating to design, construction or production defects and earthwork defects: applicable and limited to the time remaining under the guarantee: applicable and limited to the time remaining under the guarantee.For example, in the case of the sale of a unit in a building after only two years of habitation, the new buyer will be able to benefit from the guarantee for the remaining three years.
  • Any completion of work after acceptance of the building will not be covered by the guarantee if the parties have agreed that the building is sold in the state of completion in which it is at the date of the contract.
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