What the Plan covers

In the event of a breach by the entrepreneur of his legal and contractual obligations, the guarantee plan covers:

  • deposits
  • the completion of the works
  • apparent defects and poor workmanship
  • existing and non-visible defects
  • hidden defects
  • defects in design or construction and defects in the ground
  • relocation, moving and storage of the beneficiary's property

Each of these bullets benefits from a different period of coverage and requires specific steps to implement the coverage of the guarantee plan.

Completion of work and apparent (visible) defects and poor workmanship (must be reported in writing at the time of acceptance)

or within 3 days of acceptance if you have not yet moved in. For non-apparent poor workmanship, you will have 1 year after the acceptance of the building. For latent defects, you will have 3 years after acceptance of the building. Finally, for the repair of design or construction defects and earthwork defects you will have 5 years after the end of the work to discover them and report them within a reasonable time of discovery.


Delays are key in terms of guarantee coverage. If there is one piece of advice we would like to give, it is to please BE MINDFUL OF THE DEADLINES!

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